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Upon noticing a “Danger!” sign on the street, you will at least stop and look around to see what could threaten your health or your life. I, spellcaster Maxim SpellsHelp.Com, know that the most careful will go back and try to find another way to get to their destination point. The fearless will walk to the other side of the street or keep walking but try to be more careful. However, almost no one will pay attention to such a warning sign if they see it online. The Internet, as it seems to most people, is a place where people play pranks and spread fake news. After all, what can happen if you just look at the screen of your laptop from your cozy and safe apartment?

But when it comes to black love spells, all warnings about the danger of practicing this occult art on your own must be strictly respected. In fact, when you’re only reading the description or imagining how you perform a ritual, the energy around you already starts to change, even though you may not know it yet. Invisible dark energies appear in it, screening you as a potential carrier.

We often read about dark energies. But only a few people understand what they really are. Actually, they’re neither energy waste nor the fuel for our chakras. First of all, they determine how consciousness will work, what it will be filled with, and what emotions will be experienced. When we are surrounded by light energy, our emotions are joyful and thoughts are pure. When we are immersed in the negative, we feel fear, unreasonable sadness, anxiety and sorrow. We are literally dragged into a scent of trouble and bad memories, while the present seems so frightening, aggressive and hostile.

When we read magic recipes, we come into contact with the negative for a short time only. Another thing is when we perform a black ritual. Negative energies will fill us, and painful emotional, mental, and very often physical states become our constant companions. To return to the previous state, those who have hurt themselves with home sorcery need to consult healers or spellcasters as skilled as I am. So maybe it’s better not to take that risk at all?

The invasion is not accidental. After all, in normal life, negativity can only penetrate you in the following cases:

- When you cause pain to others;

- When you are jealous;

- When you feel hatred and anger;

- When you hurt or insult others;

- When you abuse another person physically or emotionally;

- When you betray someone;


- When you get hexed or cursed.

Except for when you fall victim to magic, the invasion is always a punitive consequence for bad deeds. Any dark spell, and especially one belonging to the best black magic for love, is considered as a crime and deserves retribution. Why is that? I, spellcaster Maxim, have already answered this question in details on this website.

Real black magic spells for love

However, if you decide to practice real black magic spells for love which belong to voodooism, even this will seem like a child’s play. When you perform African or Haitian rituals, be ready to meet not only some dark energies, but also the all-mighty dark creatures, highly rapacious and aggressively violent as well as invisible and unperceivable by an average person.

It takes decades for voodoo shamans to catch and tame this kind of creatures. Even then they constantly take risks, because the creature is always waiting for the master to make a mistake to attack him. The risk of attack, to which all voodoo masters are constantly exposed, increases as the master gets older. That is why shamans try to pass on their magic gift to their apprentices/followers before they become too weak to protect themselves. The creature is transferred together with the gift, which guarantees the shaman’s safety.

But you are not a shaman. And by choosing voodoo spells, you’re taking a lot more risk. The creature called by the spell will certainly stay with you. It will neither help with your sorcery nor create any love. All this dark world’s creature will do is devour your energies, quickly turning into a pure curse that will torment you exactly with what causes you the most severe anguish.

I, spellcaster Maxim, have treated hundreds of people who suffered from such entities, and I can list the kinds of suffering they have experienced:

- Having no money to buy even the essentials;

- Cancers;

- Loneliness where there’s no family and loved ones around and even people to talk to;

- Loss of physical attractiveness: rapid weight gain, unexpected aging, hair loss, skin diseases, unpleasant body odor;

- Chronic fears, intense and frequent panic attacks;

- There was one man who would fall victim to fraud, theft, street robbery and violence on a regular basis.

For this reason I ask you to be very careful with black magic. If you want to change your life with it, do it only with the help of professional experts. It’s very easy to ruin your destiny – sometimes it only takes a few hours. A real occultist wouldn’t let it happen. If you are helped by a master who has at least half my skills, you’ll be fine and you won’t get in trouble and suffer.

Black magic to make her love me


“You talk a lot about how to make spells. But I have a question about something quite opposite. I have a feeling that I’ve fallen victim to a love spell. How do I check myself? Is there any simple way to do it?”


“The best way is to get examined by an esoteric expert. Sometimes it will be enough for an occultist to look at you to understand if you have a spell on you or not. If a visual examination is not enough to identify sorcery, there are some more complex methods. As for how to check yourself, please see the articles available on my website. I, spellcaster Maxim, have talked about it a lot.


“Can even the simplest of spells, such as those cast when you steal handkerchief or use a Grisgris bag, have such terrible negative effects as you describe?”


“To cast a spell with a handkerchief, you need to steal a handkerchief from the person you love, put a spell at home on it, and then put it back where you took it without the target knowing. The thing is that if you use black magic, then together with the stolen handkerchief you return a clot of negative energy. The energy needs to attach itself in the house of the target. If it can’t, it comes back to you, and then the things that I wrote above start happening. Are you ready for something like this? And speaking of Grisgris, it’s used in voodoo rituals. It seems to me that I have already described in detail what happens to those who try to build love with the help of African shamanism.”


“How safe is black magic to make her love me with menstrual blood?”


“If we were to rank esoteric dangers, the rituals of sacrifice and blood would be at the top of the list. There’s nothing more dangerous than doing menstrual blood rituals. The probability of negative consequences for the performer is a 100%! When you make a sacrifice, you doom yourself not just to a karmic punishment, but to the strongest of all curses. And I can guarantee it will be so powerful and unbreakable that even the strongest of witches won’t be able to remove it.”


“Are all love spells black magic dangerous?”


“Is a big sharpened chef’s knife dangerous? Yes, if it’s in the hands of a child. Certainly yes, if it’s in the hands of a man who has decided to hurt himself. However, if it’s in the hands of a master, it turns into a perfect tool that is not dangerous to anyone. Sorcery must be treated in the same way. When it’s done by a master, it will remain safe and effective.”


“Which rituals are more expensive: black or white?”


“There is no price list for magic rituals. You are dealing with one-of-a-kind items which value can only be determined after examining your situation. How many rituals are needed (often more than one spell is needed)? How much time it will take? How much energy it will take for the occultist to help you? These answers will determine the final price of your ritual.”


“How do I make an appointment with you?”


“It’s very simple. Get in touch with me in a way that’s convenient for you. I’ll make an appointment and instruct you on our next steps.”

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